Top Things to do in Tasmania

Tasmania is perhaps the most underrated state in Australia due to it not being
many peoples priority when visiting the land down under, despite offering
beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and picturesque cities! I spent 2 cold winter
weeks driving across Tasmania and discovered a completely different side to
Australia. If you have the time to fly or sail across the Bass Strait definitely visit
Australia’s smallest and (arguably) most beautiful state, and do all the must dos

The first thing you should do when arriving in Tasmania is get yourself a copy of
the Parks & Wildlife Service ’60 Great Short Walks’ leaflet which is available in
any of the tourist centres. Some of the best walks are listed below but there are
just so many to choose from and every walk I completed was fantastic!

Cradle Mountain

It might not be the highest mountain in Tasmania (it is the 5th) but Cradle
Mountain is Tasmania’s most popular tourist attraction due to its incredible
beauty, its fantastic walks and being one end of the famous Overland Track.
Located in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park there are a number of
day walks on offer here. The most popular is the Dove Lake Circuit which is
essentially just an easy path around Dove Lake providing beautiful views of
Cradle Mountain. This however is not the best walk in the area. I would
recommend doing the Crater Lake Circuit. This is a much more thrilling walk,
offering the chance to go higher and overlook Dove Lake. From this walk you can
also go to Marion’s Lookout which was the highlight of my trip to Cradle
Mountain! Spectacular views and in winter you can enjoy some of the rare
Australian snow!!

Wineglass Bay

Voted one of the Top 10 Beaches in the World you have to pay Wineglass Bay a
visit when exploring Tasmania! Located in the Freycinet National Park, the
lookout over Wineglass Bay is a tiring uphill climb but still doable even if you
aren’t the fittest (there’s benches along the way!) The view once you reach the
lookout is amazing and makes all the effort worthwhile! Whilst in the Freycinet
National Park I would also recommend the Cape Tourville walk (stunning!!) and
a visit to the Friendly Beaches.

Bay of Fires

Tasmania is not often thought of as a top class destination to enjoy the beach but
a quick visit to the Bay of Fires makes you realise just how wrong you are!
Potentially one of the best beaches I saw throughout my entire time in Australia,
the Bay of Fires is incredible and you can see why those who know about it flock
there every year! Starting at Binalong Bay, make sure you drive the entire length
of the Bay of Fires to ‘The Gardens‘ to really appreciate it.

See a Tasmanian Devil

The world’s largest carnivorous marsupial is only found in the wild on Tasmania!
They are notoriously difficult to see in the wild, but it is doable! If you really
want to see one in the wild, my best advice would be to pay a visit to Maria
Island as the conservation programme there has led to a thriving population of
Devils that are unaffected by the disease which is killing them elsewhere. Being
nocturnal you do have to camp on Maria Island to see them as they come out at
night and try to steal your food! There have been cases of Devils biting tourists
so be careful! If camping is not for you there are numerous Devil sanctuaries
dotted around Tasmania. I would recommend Devils@Cradle – the staff are
great, there are numerous Devils and their after dark feeding tour is very well

Chase Waterfalls

If you’re a fan of waterfalls you are spoiled for choice on Tasmania! With a host
of waterfalls all differing in size and accessibility, you could spend an entire
holiday just seeing waterfalls! I would recommend Montezuma Falls as it is the
highest waterfall on Tasmania and there is a beautiful suspension bridge at the
falls for you to cross and enjoy the view. In addition, Russell Falls was probably
my favourite waterfall out of the lot as it was stunning and also extremely easy to
get too! Finally, St Columba Falls was also very impressive.

Apsley River Waterhole and Gorge

Located in the Douglas-Apsley National Park this beautiful waterhole would be a
great spot in Summer to cool off and spend a day with family and friends! It was
too cold for me to get in as it was the middle of winter but it was still beautiful,
and a truly calm and tranquil spot.

Discover Tasmania’s Islands

Maria Island (mentioned above) is great for much more than seeing wild
Tasmanian Devils – it is also home to the famous Painted Cliffs! Get the ferry
from mainland Triabunna and enjoy a day of walking, cycling, swimming and
relaxing. Also worth a visit is Bruny Island, accessible from Kettering – only a 40
minute drive from Hobart. Bruny Island is home to a number of famous
attractions including the beautiful and photogenic ‘The Neck‘, the rare white
wallaby and its famous cheese!

Learn about Tasmania’s Convict History

Tasmania is rich in convict history being the second place that a penal colony
was established (after Sydney). The Port Arthur Historic Site is Tasmania’s most
famous penal settlement and provides an informative, yet bleak, insight into
Australia’s convict past. I went on the night time Ghost Tour which was great,
and allowed you to see into cells and haunted rooms! I’d also recommend a visit
to the small and cute town of Richmond which is home to a convict built bridge.

Leven Canyon

One of my favourite walks listed in the 60 Great Short Walks leaflet was the
Leven Canyon walk. The lookout overlooks a vast, wild and dramatic canyon
which honestly took my breath away! Pictures do not do it justice and it was one
of the highlights of my Tasmania trip. From the car park make sure you do the
Cruickshanks Lookout first as this means you walk down the 700 steps rather
than up! Which makes the whole day a lot easier!!

Tasman Peninsula

Only a 90 minute drive from Hobart, the Tasman Peninsula is home to fantastic
bush walks, dramatic scenery, natural beauty and diverse wildlife! Here you will
find the Tasman National Park which is home to rock formations like the
Blowhole, Tessellated Pavement and the Tasman Arch, as well as the strenuous
46 km Three Capes Track. I would recommend doing the Cape Hauy walk which
is 1/3 of the Three Capes Track so is shorter but still provides excellent views!

Visit Hobart

Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart, is Australia’s second oldest but least populated
capital. Located along the Derwent River, Hobart is surprisingly beautiful as you
are often greeted by stunning waterside views. To really appreciate the beauty of
Hobart make sure you go up Mount Wellington to get panoramic views over the
city. Also, pay a visit to the Salamanca Markets and the Museum of Old and New
Art (MONA) two world famous attractions in Hobart.


Overall, when people plan their holiday to Australia most don’t even consider a
visit to Tasmania, however they really should! Providing a completely different
side to Australia, with lush green scenery, amazing mountains, and everything
within easy reach to one another it makes for a perfect week or 2 week getaway!
The beaches are incredible (and potentially the best beaches in Australia!), the
bush walks are stunning and easily accessible and the diverse wildlife is in
abundance. Go to Tasmania! NOW!


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